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Calcified Root Canal

While most root canal treatments are routine procedures, there are a few complications that can make them more challenging.

Calcified canals are one such issue, which is why seeing an endodontist is crucial for tooth-related problems. When a canal becomes calcified, the soft tissue inside the tooth can become more difficult to locate, visualize and treat.

So, a specialized class of root canal work called a calcified root canal is necessary.

At Midtown Endodontist NYC in New York City’s Midtown East neighborhood, Dr. Steven Lipner uses state-of-the-art root canal equipment to perform this complicated root canal therapy. If you have calcified canals, seeing an NYC endodontist specializing in calcified root canal treatment is a must.

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What Is a Calcified Root Canal?

Calcified root canals occur when calcium gets deposited in the tooth’s canal. The tooth canal is the space in the middle of its root. In healthy teeth, this space contains pulp tissue, which is mainly made up of nerve and vascular tissue.

Calcification causes the canal space to shrink.

When a patient requires a root canal, the lack of space and visibility makes it difficult for even the smallest tools to clean out the infection.

What Causes a Calcified Root Canal?

As the name suggests, the tooth’s root canal becomes calcified because of calcium deposits. This calcification can occur over time, becoming an issue later in life. However, sometimes the body attempts to shrink the pulp space in the tooth by calcification due to trauma or disease.

A few other reasons a root can become calcified include:

  • Age: There is a growing number of patients experiencing calcified root canals due to aging. As people live longer with their natural teeth, a tooth’s canal can naturally calcify with time.
  • Longstanding tooth decay: If a patient has a large amount of tooth decay, your body can shrink the size of the pulp in the tooth’s canal for protection. This shrinking, however, means the pulp receives less blood supply. Reduced blood supply increases the risk of infection, which will require a calcified root canal treatment.
  • Trauma: As sports activity increases among school-aged children, this has led more young patients to experience tooth trauma due to a facial injury. When a tooth suffers a blow, this may cause bleeding in the canals, which can become a focal point for calcification.

What Is the Process for a Calcified Root Canal Procedure?

Cleaning out a calcified root canal takes much more skill, time and patience than a standard root canal procedure.

When you come to Midtown Endodontist NYC, we achieve successful calcified root canal treatments by finding all the canals in the affected tooth and cleaning them out.

A general dentist, in comparison, may find it challenging to complete a calcified root canal procedure because they do not have the right equipment.

By visiting a skilled endodontist like Dr. Steven Lipner at Midtown Endodontist NYC, you can take advantage of his advanced skills in dealing with more specialized root canal treatments, such as calcified root canals.

We also utilize technological advances to ensure high-quality treatment and results, such as:

  • Digital X-rays: These X-rays shows us where to start looking for calcified canals by providing clarity and spatial orientation. With the aid of digital X-rays, we remove less tooth structure and retain the structural integrity of the tooth.
  • High-powered microscope: This indispensable piece of endodontic equipment provides high-powered magnification, which helps us find calcified canals that are otherwise almost invisible.
  • High-end rotary system: The calcified canal must receive prepping, cleaning and shaping with a precision tool to promote healing. Our high-end rotary system ensures the best results.

During a calcified root canal treatment, Dr. Lipner uses a methodical approach, slowly negotiating down the calcified root canal system and flushing out all the debris inside.

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Whether you would like a second opinion to confirm you calcified root canal diagnosis or are struggling with tooth pain and require endodontic care in New York City, we invite you to book your free consultation at Midtown Endodontist NYC today to discuss and learn if a calcified root canal procedure is the right treatment for you.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

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