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Emergency Root Canal NYC

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June 10, 2019

Dr Lipner is a magician. Had an emergency root canal (haven’t slept the night before) and didn’t feel a pinch… besides that had no swelling nor pain after!!!


Do you need Emergency Root Canal?

To know if you need an emergency root canal, you have to understand what is root canal what are the symptoms requiring urgent endodontic care.

In the center of our teeth lies the pulp chamber. It is commonly referred to as the nerve of the tooth. In actuality, it consists of an artery, a vein, and a nerve. It is the chamber where the tooth is alive.

If anything broaches the sanctity of the chamber the tissue inside will die, it will necrose. As a tooth dies bacteria invade the pulp chamber, gases are formed. These gases are locked inside the tooth causing lots of discomfort.

What may cause an Emergency Root Canal?

The pulp chamber can be damaged by decay, a fractured tooth, traumatic injury, chronic grinding, and malocclusions.


A patient will feel hypersensitivity to heat, pressure, tapping and bending their head down. Pain upon lying down or any swelling in the mouth are signs that emergency endodontist must be seen.

Can I postpone Emergency Endodontic Care?

If left untreated, a tooth infection will progress, pus will form at the apex of the tooth, and eventually, an abscess will develop directly above an upper tooth, or below in a lower tooth. This condition is called acute pulpitis; it requires an emergency visit with an endodontist, root canal specialist.

If you have these symptoms, schedule an emergency visit or a free consultation with an endodontist, like Dr. Lipner immediately.

What can be done to alleviate pain before an emergency endodontic visit?

In the meantime, take NSAID’s such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen. Rinse mouth with cold water, keep away from hot, do not chew on the affected side, and keep your head elevated when going to sleep.

Please call our number above for emergency endodontic care appointment for immediate relief from pain or book a free consultation.

How to prevent an Emergency Root Canal?

Good oral home care and regular dental visits are essential in the prevention of endodontic or any other dental emergency. Colgate provides an extensive guide for Adult Oral Care.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

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