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Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal Tooth Bleaching Specialist

As a top endodontist in New York City, Dr. Lipner offers advanced internal bleaching techniques at his Midtown East practice, helping patients with deeply stained teeth banish discoloration so they can feel more confident about the way they look.

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Why do teeth become badly discolored?

The most common causes of deep discoloration of teeth include root canals which remove the tooth’s living interior portion, called the pulp, and trauma, which can damage nerves and blood vessels that help keep the tooth healthy. Deep discoloration may be hidden by a veneer or covered by a crown, but it can also be treated with special techniques designed to reach the tooth’s interior layers to remove stains and help patients feel more confident about the way they look.

Can a regular whitening treatment remove deep stains?

Stains and discolorations that occur on the surfaces of teeth can usually be treated with topical whitening agents. But when teeth become badly discolored in the inside, they need techniques designed to reach the interior layers of the tooth to treat and resolve discoloration where it occurs. Internal bleaching uses techniques and whitening agents that are specifically designed for stains that develop in the tooth’s interior to treat stains that just can’t be remedied with surface bleaching agents.

Internal Tooth Bleaching Procedure

First, a dental x-ray will be taken to determine the extent of discoloration and also the cause of the stains. If a diseased or damaged pulp is to blame, a root canal will be performed to remove the damaged area and a whitening paste will be applied during the procedure to remove stains. If the tooth has already had a root canal, the stains can be removed by making a small hole in the back of the tooth to gain access to the stain and remove it. The hole will be carefully filled after treatment.

Is internal bleaching safe for teeth?

Yes, the techniques and products used to whiten teeth internally are completely safe.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

Midtown Endodontist NYC