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What is microdentistry?

Microdentistry is a special area of dentistry that uses high-powered magnification to get a close-up view of teeth and other oral structures during treatment. It has lots of applications in surgery, helping the dentist perform even complex procedures with a very high degree of precision. Plus, it can be used during restorations including cavity treatments to ensure only the decayed portion of the tooth is removed, leaving more of the healthy tooth structure to preserve the strength and integrity of the tooth and avoid loss.

Is microdentistry used in root canal procedures?

Yes, microdentistry offers a lot of benefits for patients undergoing root canal treatment. Specifically, by using a microscope, we can help ensure the least invasive method of access is used to treat a damaged root or pulp so a patient can have less discomfort and a faster recovery, and so that more of the natural tooth material is preserved.

What are the benefits of using microscopes in Endodontics?

Microscopic root canal treatment

  • With the help of the microscope, the endodontist will remove less of the healthy tooth while creating an access point (the opening to the roots of the tooth), resulting in a smaller tooth loss.
  • Our endodontist in NYC can find even the tiniest canals that would not be found otherwise. Often patients come to us with pain on a root canal treated tooth (done somewhere else). The reason for the pain often is that one of the canals was missed during initial root canal treatment.
  • Calcified canals are the hardest to gain access to. With root canal microscopes at our disposal, this becomes a very manageable task.

Is microdentistry painful?

No, in fact, because it removes less healthy tooth material and offers far greater precision, patients often experience less discomfort when microdentistry techniques are used.

Is microdentistry only used in root canals?

It can be used in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and implant placement and other types of oral surgery, however, endodontist benefit the most from the use of a microscope.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

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