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September 8, 2019

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Best Endodontist in NYC

Patients often fear root canals and the common question that comes up is how to find the best New York City endodontist or dentist specializing in root canals. Not just Manhattan but New York City, in general, has dentists on every corner, some have narrow specialties, others practice general dentistry and do it all. Getting a root canal done is a “one in lifetime” sort of thing even though it can be repeated on every tooth, but only ONCE. It is understandable why patients spend time and effort on finding the best dentist for the task. Here is our advice, if you need endodontic care and looking for the best NYC endodontist consider the following:

endodontist nyc

What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist with specialized training in treating conditions that affect the tooth root and the interior portion of the tooth (“endo” means “inside” or “interior”).

Procedures performed by an endodontist:

How can I tell if I need to see an endodontist?

Seeing an endodontist can be a great choice for your care and treatment if you have any of the following symptoms relating to tooth pain:

  • If you have a tender or swollen gum
  • A tooth that is painful especially when touched
  • If your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold
  • A tooth that is damaged

Request an appointment with a top-rated NYC Endodontist, Dr. Steven Lipner and take the guesswork out of it. With convenient early and Saturday hours, Midtown Endodontist NYC will accommodate you at the times that work for you.

Endodontist NYC vs. Manhattan Dentist for Root Canal

The popular question among NYC patients is whether they should see an NYC endodontist or general dentist for a root canal or other endodontic surgery. There are three major differences between Manhattan Endodontist and dentists that every patient should be aware of when making a decision who to choose for their root canal therapy.

Endodontist in NYC vs. Dentist: Education

An endodontist is a dentist that had additional two years of specialty endodontic training. During the training, the dentists learn more advanced treating techniques and get more experience in treating more challenging cases that regular dentists would refer out to an endodontics specialist. To learn more about Dr. Lipner’s education in New York as an endodontist, please read his professional bio as a Root Canal Specialist on About Us page.

Every dentist and root canal specialist are required to take continuing education courses. The general dentist has a broad selection of continuing ed courses dedicated to various aspects of cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry, that may improve financial success of the general practice. Continue education of a New York Endodontist is focused on improving diagnostics, treating techniques, and enhancements in the endodontic specialty.

Endodontist in NYC vs. Dentist: Skill level

Another big difference between NYC endodontist vs. dentist is a number of the root canal procedures that they do. During the course of a day, a general dentist will complete a broad spectrum of dental procedures from dental cleanings, exams, fillings, crowns, onlays, to bridges and dentures. Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure; however, the majority of the patients do not require it. Thus in a typical general New York practice, a dentist may complete only a few root canal procedures a week or even a month.

Endodontist, on the other hand, does root canal related treatments all day long. Manhattan endodontist closely works with many general dentists and offices who refer their New York patients specifically for root canal procedures. Thus in one week, an NYC Endodontist can perform the same number of root canals as a general dentist would in few months or even a year.

With that said, a New York City endodontist is more skilled in providing treatment and better at diagnosing root canals than general dentists. There have been multiple studies analyzing the root canal failure completed by dentist vs. endodontist. According to numerous independent studies percentage of root canal failure is higher when performed by a general dentist vs. endodontist, particularly on molars (the larger three teeth in the back, including wisdom teeth) and bicuspids (also known as premolars, two teeth in front of the molars).

Lastly, an NYC endodontist typically will complete treatment in one visit while dentist often splits treatment into two visits to open the tooth and to close it. Hectic Manhattan life makes this a big pro for seeing an NYC Endodontist vs. a dentist.

NYC Endodontist Dr. Steven Lipner uses microscope during endo treatment

Endodontist in NYC vs. Dentist: Techniques and equipment

An endodontist is more likely to invest in top of the line, more expensive equipment required to achieve more predictable results during endodontic treatment:

Diagnostic Pulp Tester. There is nothing better than your natural, healthy tooth. Sometimes we may experience symptoms that require root canal therapy. However, at times they are temporary and are caused by a new filing, or grinding due to stress and may be relieved by a bite adjustment or by wearing a mouth guard. Root canal treatment is irreversible. Thus diagnostics is essential.

High-Powered Dental Microscope enables endodontist to find calcified canals and tiny canals that are not visible without a microscope. Using the microscope endodontist can create a smaller access point (hole) thus preserving tooth structure.

Higher end Rotary System ensures that the root canal is well prepped, cleaned and shaped to promote healing of the root. In case of retreatment, it enables an endodontist to remove old materials and even previously broken files.

A top of the line Obturation Delivery System will ensure that the canals are well sealed to prevent reinfection.

Root canal cost in NYC, Endodontist vs. Dentist

Initial endodontic treatment can be completed only once. If it fails, the next step would be either apicoectomy surgery which will have a higher rate of failure or extraction. That is why choosing the right provider to complete the initial endodontic procedure is important. Contact Midtown Endodontist NYC, the best endodontist in NYC today.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

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