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Core Buildup After Root Canal

Core Buildup

When a tooth is extremely broken down, especially after root canal therapy, there is no longer enough tooth structure left above the gum line to place a beautiful porcelain restoration, such as a crown. The remaining part of the tooth, the roots, and subgingival tooth structure are quite sound. The dentist will then build up the tooth above the gum line using a cosmetic, adhesive technique known as a core build up.

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In the past, you may have heard of the term “Metal post”. This technique, in most cases, is now considered passe. All white, metal free restorations such as core build ups are highly recommended. The old posts acted as a wedge as they were placed in teeth. At times, as years went by, root canal treated teeth would fracture, requiring extraction and further treatment.

The modern core build up uses adhesion, and thus no wedging action to injure the tooth. Core build ups are a quick, painless, inexpensive procedure that uses cutting edge science to insure the health and longevity of our dental restorations.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

Midtown Endodontist NYC