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Digital X-rays Of Teeth in NYC

Digital Radiography

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We use digital radiography technology. It has significant advantages over film-based x-rays. Digital has far less radiation and greater efficiency. The pictures develop instantaneously. Images quickly appear on the computer monitors in our treatment rooms, and they can be instantly shared for consultation by our dentists. We are also able to display them on the computer monitors in our treatment rooms for enhanced patient education.

These images can be e-mailed to other dentists, doctors or insurance anywhere in the world. This collaboration with our colleagues helps us to treat our patients with the most up-to-date ideas and methodology.

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What are digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays use a special technique to take very detailed images of your teeth, jaws and other structures in your mouth which can help identify decay and other issues, diagnose diseases and conditions and guide your treatment plan.

In our office, in addition to the x-ray room, equipped with Digital X-ray machine, Panoramic machine and top of the line intra-oral camera, nearly every operatory has digital x-ray machines.


How often Do I need to have x-rays taken?

New Patients

In order to be the best dentists in NYC, we must see what we are talking about. To treat our patients properly we must have diagnostic radiographs of their mouth.  Thus all new patients need a full mouth series of x-rays along with a Panorex.  We are happy to accept this information from previous offices. We are extremely aware that no one wants to be exposed to x-rays,  even if the dose is minimal. We have the latest x-ray equipment that is all digital, along with ultra modern, thyroid protected, lead aprons. This insures our patients of the absolute lowest dose of radiation with the most accurate pictures.

We take detailed medical histories. We take into account if a patient is pregnant, has had radiation therapy etc. Great dentistry starts with great information which leads to brilliant diagnosis and beautiful smiles for everyone.

Existing Patients

We recommend that our patients have bitewing x-rays taken every 12 months. There are patients that have pathology free mouths.  These patients can have x-rays taken every couple years,  or a single x-ray if the dentists spot a discrepancy.  We are proud that we use an intraoral camera that takes photographs of the mouth. In some cases this camera provides us with very valuable information, thus eliminating the need for x-rays. To treat our patients at the highest, most comprehensive level, to insure insurance payments it is necessary to document pathology with x-rays and now photographs. We minimize exposure and maximize the fun.

Author: Dr. Steven Lipner

Midtown Endodontist NYC