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Weekend Endodontists in New York

Posted on August 13, 2019

Endodontic dental issues, like emergency root canals, do not stop because it is Saturday.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, sensitivity or swelling, these dental complaints do not take the weekends off. Where can you go in Midtown Manhattan, though, when you have a root canal emergency on a Saturday?

At Midtown Endodontist NYC, we understand the importance of endodontists providing patients with weekend appointments. That is why our dental office is open on Saturdays for emergency root canals and tooth-related pain management.

The Benefits of a Having an Endodontist Open on Saturday

For most families, Monday through Friday is go, go, go.

From taking the kids to school or sports practice to managing your workload, every hour of every weekday feels busy. It may be that Saturday is the only day you can relax and take care of errands.

That is why it is so crucial to have a dental care professional that fits into your busy life.

Most endodontists close Saturday. That means if you are experiencing an issue that requires their specialized expertise, you will have to see them during your busy work week. That may not be realistic for you.

Our Saturday hours at Midtown Endodontist NYC mean that you get the dental care you need when you need it most.

There are several reasons you may need an endodontist open on Saturdays:

  • You find it impossible to visit the dentist on a weekday due to school or work demands
  • You will lose pay or paid time off for taking off a day
  • You have severe tooth pain that requires immediate intervention
  • You believe you may need an emergency root canal

While a weekend endodontist may be rare, they do exist and are an excellent option for those with an emergency or hectic week.

Emergency Root Canal Treatments on Saturday

While many dentists have experience performing routine root canals, they do not have the same experience level or education as an endodontist. Endodontists are specialists with training in treating the various conditions which can affect the interior of your tooth and its root.

The most common service we provide at Midtown Endodontist NYC, for example, is both routine and complex root canal treatments.

If your tooth becomes infected, it needs treatment as soon as possible, so look out for the following warning signs of infection:

  • Tooth pain or discomfort
  • Hypersensitivity to heat
  • Sensitivity to applied pressure, tapping or even bending your head down
  • Severe pain when lying down
  • Swelling in the mouth

If you do not seek treatment for this kind of infection, it will progress.

Pus can form at the tooth’s apex, and an abscess can eventually develop by the tooth — a condition called acute pulpitis.

For those experiencing any of these symptoms, do not wait. You may need an emergency root canal.

Schedule Your Appointment With the Best New York City Endodontist Open on Saturday

Whether you encounter an emergency that requires immediate endodontic care or your busy work week prevents you from scheduling an appointment during our weekday hours, we are proud to offer Saturday appointments to patients living in Manhattan and throughout NYC.

As one of the best root canal dentists open on Saturday, we provide you with a warm, comfortable, and trusting environment, as well as an experienced endodontist.

Book your Saturday appointment or free consultation online or call our office today at (347) 708-8795.

About Dr. Steven Lipner

Dr. Steven Lipner is an experienced Root Canal Specialist in NYC providing his patients with exceptional care. You can see Dr. Lipner at his Midtown East Manhattan practice, LipnerEndo, where he employs the benefits of latest dental technology, from Digital X-rays to High-Powered Microscope to achieve the best results & maximum precision.

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