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You made it through your root canal! Please download the guide below that we created to help you through the recovery process.

Post-Op Root Canal Recovery Tips

Numbness of your lip, tongue, or palate may typically be lost for several hours. Try not to chew gum, eat, or
drink hot liquids until the anesthetic has worn off so you don’t accidentally bite or burn yourself. If you
need a snack, stick to something soft and room temperature. If you feel like your bite is not correct after
the numbness wears off, call us immediately for an appointment to have it adjusted, as this can contribute
to postoperative pain.

Medications: See the back of the page for information about medications.
It is normal to be sore and achy for a few days after treatment. This can usually be controlled with
over-the-counter medication, but sometimes prescription painkillers will be needed (see the next page for
info on medicine). A tooth treated with a root canal may feel different for quite some time following root
canal therapy.

Please call us if you experience any significant pain that is not well-managed by medication. We can help!
Please also let us know if you experience any significant swelling that could indicate infection or if your
tooth breaks.

Can I eat normally? Try not to chew or bite on the tooth that was treated today until you have it restored
with a crown by your regular dentist. If possible, chew only on the opposite side of your mouth. You should
especially avoid eating anything sticky or hard with that tooth.

How should I take care of my mouth? You can brush and floss your teeth as you usually do.

What’s next? Until you come back for a more permanent restoration, the tooth that just had a root canal is
at risk for breaking. The next step of your treatment will most likely consist of a post or filling of some
type, plus a crown to preserve and protect your tooth. It is imperative that you return for this in a timely
manner (usually within one month unless otherwise directed). If you feel like your temporary filling has
fallen out, call us as this must be replaced ASAP.

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