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Help for Before Root Canal Surgery

Posted on September 11, 2020

If you have a root canal surgery coming up, you may have questions about your procedure such as Can I eat before a root canal? and How do I prepare for a root canal? Use this guide to learn more, including what you should and should not do before a root canal.

How Do You Prepare for a Root Canal?

There are several ways to get ready for your procedure:

  • Avoid any kind of alcohol or tobacco for at least 24 hours before the root canal to prepare your gums for the local anesthetic.
  • Get a full night of sleep the evening before the procedure.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory painkiller before you arrive at the endodontist’s office.
  • Ask any questions about the procedure before it starts.

Can I Eat Before a Root Canal?

If you are wondering if you can eat before a root canal, yes, you can eat and drink several hours before a root canal. After the procedure, your mouth will stay numb and tender for several hours, so eating beforehand can save you from getting too hungry or thirsty after. Choose food that is gentle on your stomach and hydrate with water.

Do You Go Under for a Root Canal?

You can request unconscious sedation during your root canal. At Midtown Endodontist NYC, we can put you under for the procedure, so you do not have to stay awake as we clean out the roots of your tooth. If you are worried about the procedure, choosing to go under may make you feel more at ease. Unconscious sedation may be the right choice for someone who:

  • Has a severe gag reflex.
  • Does not like the sound of drilling on teeth.
  • Has special needs.

Some people prefer conscious sedation as they want to know what is happening. The option you select could also depend on your comfort level with dental procedures.

Does Your Tooth Hurt Before a Root Canal?

Your tooth will probably hurt before a root canal.

Many patients experience sensitivity to heat and cold in their teeth when they need a root canal. You may also feel pain if you touch the tooth or use it to chew. Biting can be particularly painful as well. Tooth pain is often the first sign that indicates you may need a root canal.

Can a Root Canal and Crown Be Done in One Visit?

Most endodontists perform a root canal then you visit the dentist to receive your crown. In some cases, you can receive a root canal and crown in just one visit to the endodontist, eliminating the need for more endodontic appointments.

The office may use CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology to create a perfectly matching crown during your root canal procedure. It takes up to two hours to create a crown that looks like your teeth and naturally fits in your mouth. In fact, the CEREC® crown will fit into your mouth as though it has been there all along.

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The root canal procedure is simple and can be performed quickly. If you have experienced pain related to tooth decay, consider consulting with our endodontist to address the issue. Contact us today or book your appointment online. You can also give us a call at (347) 708-8795.

About Dr. Steven Lipner

Dr. Steven Lipner is an experienced Root Canal Specialist in NYC providing his patients with exceptional care. You can see Dr. Lipner at his Midtown East Manhattan practice, LipnerEndo, where he employs the benefits of latest dental technology, from Digital X-rays to High-Powered Microscope to achieve the best results & maximum precision.

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